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Meet Shannon

Shannon is the owner of Mile High Pies and Cakes. She has turned her passion for baking

into beautiful and delicious desserts that are (almost) too good to eat! Read her story....

Shannon Mile High pies and cakes owner.jpeg

"Baking brings me joy. It gives me a chance to be creative. Which  I love!" – Shannon


However, life is rarely straight forward. After graduation, Shannon went into the restaurant industry where she cooked professionally for ten years. In that job, she learned management and got a feel for running a business. But any free time she had, she spent baking.


Finally, during Covid, her hobby turned business got a huge boost. The future of Mile High Pies and Cakes is looking bright.


Shannon's dreams for the future include going full time and opening a brick and mortar shop. At her shop, she wants to offer supplies, classes, and space for events. Like birthdays, baby showers, and bachelorette parties. She wants her love of baking to make a positive impact on the community and other bakers like her.


"I know how hard it is to get resources and supplies. So, I'd love to provide a place where others in the industry can get supplies and get a feel for them before purchasing." – Shannon


Thank you for dropping by and taking time to learn more about Shannon. We appreciate your support and patronage.

Shannon's introduction to baking started at a young age.  Her mother was an accomplished baker. She would create goodies and even wedding cakes for friends and family. Growing up, Shannon was surrounded by this and even helped her mother make deliveries. It made a strong and lasting impact so that when she grew up, she attended the Culinary Institute of America.


At the time, she wasn't sure what she wanted to pursue. Shannon decided to get a General Degree. It gave a good overview of all aspects of cooking. It also helped her decide what she really loved to do -- baking!

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